Saturday, 28 June 2014

Z is for Zzzzzzzzz

And Zaturday Zpankings

This post is part of the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge. What's that I hear you ask? Check out my page here for more information.
I made it. I took on Celeste Jones' crazy challenge and I somehow made it to the finish line. Twenty-six vaguely alphabet-themed posts starting at Authenticity and finishing at Zzzzzzz via bananas, Sherlock Holmes, flip flops, vampires and all manner of other things that non-spankophiles probably didn't even realise could be related to spanking.

My most popular posts this month by far were Q is for Quiz and G is for Go and buy my new book now. Go on! which just goes to show that what the public really want are quizzes and being shouted at to buy things. Something I suspect the producers of daytime television have known for years.

Daytime television is a frightening place.

I didn't realise when I signed up for this challenge, quite what an insanely busy month this would turn out to be,

June has been exhausting.

Aside from the normal day job (with a Big Project deadline of 4th July), I'm still plugging away at my Computer Science degree. The assignment I had to do mid-June was on web services exchange protocols which might be the dullest I thing I have ever had to deal with. (Assignment due in next week is SQL-based and much more fun). In addition to that, my daughter had her A-Levels, I started the stressful process of buying a house and on the 12th June, my wonderful almost-20-year-old cat, Corrie went to sleep for the last time, leaving a far bigger hole than seems possible for such a tiny scrap of fur and bossiness.

I am glad I decided to do the A-Z Spanking Blog Challenge, though. It has been fun and I have had some great responses to my random-arse postings. Thank you, Celeste for organising it.

I have loved the posts that other participants have put together for this challenge.

Highlights include Casey McKay drunkenly eulogising the joys of anal to friends, Renee Rose's husband getting strict about grassfed beef purchases and, of course, Katherine Deane interviewing all five sons of Johnny Hastings which I may have already mentioned is the best thing on the whole internet.

There are so many more A-Z Spanking Challenge posts that I haven't yet had a chance to read. I totally intend to catch up now I'm finished with my posts and life becomes just a little less tiring.

But first, I think I need to catch up on some sleep. Wake me up when it's August.

My snippet comes from Lady Westbrook's Discovery and is vaguely related to sleeping. When Margaret Westbrook married her second husband, a dashing young scientist fifteen years her junior, she discovered a whole host of new experiences that she hadn't ever experienced with her late husband, Lord Westbrook. Spankings, obviously. And all manner of sexual shenanigans. But also, sharing a bed with one's husband. Not something that the nobility were given to do as a rule but something that Margaret found she liked very much indeed. Particularly given that waking up in the same bed as your enthusiastically loving husband can have obvious perks...
Margaret slept against Felix, his muscular body spooning her slender one, his arms wrapped around her. As she woke the next morning, she savoured the feeling of his warm body pressed against hers, his face buried in her hair. 
His chest was against her back and his groin pressed lightly against her bottom. She wriggled against him contentedly and felt his manhood bob to attention against her backside. “You awake?” she asked softly. 
“Mm. I can feel one part in particular that seems to be up.”
Lady Westbrook's Discovery is available from Amazon and all good booksellers. Also, some evil ones.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing, Etta!
    Thanks so much for the shout out :)

    I just finished this book, and it was so much fun!!!
    Ok, I promise I will get the review up soon.
    I've been busy with a2z :)

  2. Yay, you made it to Z. Well done. I loved your quiz and I bought your book :) (Which was a really entertaining and HOT read)
    Really, Lady Westbrook's behaviour is quite shocking! (So when is the next one coming? Please hurry.)

  3. I think her wiggling may have been the cause of something being up ;) Nice!

  4. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!
    Nice snippet :)

  5. What a month you've had!!! You deserve special congratulations on finishing the challenge.

    Yeah, there's always that one part that wakes up first. LOL.

  6. We made it!!! Congrats! So sorry about your kitty. Good luck with school and everything that entails. Loved your posts they were usually a ton of fun!