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Welcome to Etta Stark's Exciting Book Reviews! Home of all your exciting book review needs.

That is the reviews will be exciting - I can't guarantee that the books will be. Actually, come to think of it, I can't really guarantee that the reviews will be either.

Etta Stark's Best Attempt At An Entertaining Review Of A Book Which May Or May Not (In The Reviewer's Opinion) Be Exciting. ESBAAAEROABWMOMN(ITRO)BE for short.

These are reviews rather than promotional posts so there won't be any blurb or excerpts. There's plenty of that sort of thing on the interwebs already. This is No Holds Barred stuff. Well maybe some holds barred in the interests of good manners and stuff. Wait, is that a wrestling phrase? I've never thought about it before. If you say something is 'no holds barred' are you basically saying that you are happy to metaphorically pin somebody down by their scrotum?

My reviews will operate with a 5 star rating system. The nuances of which are explained below:

Five Stars - Awesome, amazing and fabulous. I want to elope with this book and have its little half-human, half-literature babies.

Four Stars - A great, enjoyable story. I may not want to go 'all the way' with this book but we could be friends. Definitely on one another's Christmas Card lists.

Three Stars - A perfectly readable, good book. Not necessarily something I could get totally excited about - maybe not 'my thing' - but fine.

Two stars - Disappointing, sloppy or kind of boring. Probably something I carried on reading in the hopes that it would improve - only to get to the end and find that it didn't.

One star - Risible nonsense. Stuff this bad I would normally abandon before the end of the book so presumably I only completed this one because all my other e-books suddenly disappeared in some kind of freak Kindle accident. Or maybe I was made to read this book for a bet. Or perhaps I felt that I had sinned in some terrible way and needed to be punished.

Book Reviews So Far:

Book Author Rating Date
Isabel's Independence Mariella Starr **** 2 July 2014
The Pet Shop K D Grace **** 6 July 2014
Diary of a Submissive Sophie Morgan *** 8 July 2014
Master of Two Patricia Green and Karin Ito **** 10 July 2014
The Coach's Discipline Katherine Deane ***** 7 August 2014
Safe in his Arms Renee Rose **** 11 August 2014
A Taste of Loving Discipline Abigail Armani **** 18 August 2014
How To Be a Woman Caitlin Moran *** 21 August 2014
The Gardener Rachel de Vine ***** 27 August 2014
The Professor's Girl Renee Rose ***** 14 September 2014
Laying Down the Law Celeste Jones **** 14 September 2014
Detention with Professor Black Dinah McLeod ***** 14 September 2014
Educating Marguerite Kate Richards **** 14 September 2014
Three Dark Hours Maggie Carpenter ***** 14 September 2014
Chemistry of Attraction Thianna D ***** 10 October 2014
The New Rules Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider * 13 October 2014
Daddy's Game Normandie Alleman ***** 19 October 2014
His Forever Summer Tara Finnegan **** 3 December 2014
A Brush of Violet Corinne Alexander **** 3 December 2014
The One She Loves Constance Masters ***** 3 December 2014
Chasing Delia Aubrey Cara **** 29 December 2014
Life's Unexpected Gifts Livia Grant **** 4 February 2015
Have Paddle Will Travel Maren Smith ***** 4 February 2015
A Perfect Partnership Rayanna Jamison **** 4 February 2015
Mob Mistress Renee Rose ***** 26 March 2015
Tell Me Ashe Barker **** 25 October 2015
In Need of Correction Gracie Malling ***** 1 March 2018
Rafe the Guardian Laurel Joseph **** 21 June 2019
Making the Rules Ashe Barker **** 26 June 2019
His Little Spy Finley Brown ***** 10 July 2019
Good Luck Daddy Rayanna Jamison and Allysa Hart **** 30 July 2019
Awakening Zoe Asher *** 15 August 2019
King of Hearts Carolyn Faulkner **** 10 September 2019
Freedom in Submission Alexandra Noir **** 17 September 2019
The Lies of Lord John Fiona Munroe **** 10 October 2019
Summer Storm Marie Hall ***** 2 November 2019/td>

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  1. Thank you for the reviews! I just linked to your blog from Renee Rose -- I look forward to reading more :).