Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Book Review - Good Luck Daddy by Rayanna Jamison and Allysa Hart

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Wait a minute, I'm sure the book said he was a ginger!

Five Stars!

I always seem to be slow up on the uptake when it comes to stuff. Never there at the beginning when it comes to books and television. I didn’t start reading the Harry Potter series until the release of The Goblet of Fire, didn’t get into Breaking Bad until the whole thing had been already wrapped and finished. I still haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones.

And clearly it’s the same thing all over again with the Daddy of the Month Club. The series began in March this year but I’ve only just found out about it. Four months late to the party. There is a new story in the series published every month so I have a lot of catching up to do.

The first story in the series, Good Luck Daddy, is absolutely wonderful. It’s a tricky subject for what has been styled as a Rom Com series as it deals extensively with bereavement.  Austin Whittle was Jasper’s best friend and Keely’s big brother. After he is killed in combat, Jasper and Keely find themselves the remaining two survivors of the little ersatz family that the three of them had maintained since the death of Keely and Austin’s parents.

Keely has always been like a little sister to Jasper. Except that now Keely is all grown-up and Jasper’s feeling towards her have become rather more romantic – and, well, sexual. Which is all perfectly hunky dory because Keely feels exactly the same way about Jasper.

So we have two attractive, sexually frustrated individuals in love with one another currently sleeping under the same roof. What possible obstacle could be getting in their way and stopping the inevitable Happy Ever After happening round about page 6?

Jasper’s bloody stupid Code of Honour, that’s what. The damn fool is too bloody busy mithering over the ethics of fucking his dead friend’s sister that he comes very close to mucking the whole thing up. Repeatedly.

Jasper's favourite reading material, probably.
I mean, it doesn’t stop him breaking this self-imposed ‘Bro Code’ and enjoying some delightfully Dommy sex ‘n’ spanks with Keely. But then he gets all funny about it afterwards. It’s a wonder Keely put up with his nonsense, really.

Despite the sadness that runs through the book, this is a very funny story. The chapter titles are hilarious, the "Pants-Off-Off" scenes are a delight to read and the verbal sparring between the two heroes is both witty and authentic-sounding.

There is also the wonderful Book Club that Keely belongs to. Everybody needs a book club like this! Well, me at least. I need a book club like this. A place for women to get together, eat food and talk about smutty fiction. Sounds like exactly my cup of tea.

Not sure which Daddy this is. I think this is Fantasy Book Daddy.
There is also a Prequel , Daddy of the Month Club. (Currently free on Amazon!) I would recommend that you read this before you read Good Luck Daddy rather than afterwards like I did.

There are twelve women in the book club so it’s a little hard to keep track of them all on this the first introduction but as each story in this series concentrates on a different member of the group, I expect to get to know them better soon enough. The second book, Fool Me Daddy is already purchased and on my kindle. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the funny, sexy world of the Daddy Doms.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Word of the Day: Irrumatio

The first in an occasional series of interesting words that I have encountered while researching and reading spanky sexy matters.

Irrumatio: n. /ɪɹʊˈmeiʃəo/  Fellatio by actively thrusting the penis into the mouth of a partner.

I had hitherto been unaware of the word irrumatio which is a great pity because it is basically a much nicer word for face-fucking. It sounds so much pleasanter, don’t you think? I’m surprised people don’t use it more often.

I love a bit of irrumatio myself. It’s such a very submissive act. You’re basically saying “Here, Master. Take any part of my body and use it as you will.” You’re not saying that during the act itself of course. What with having your mouth full and everything. Best one could manage under these circumstances would be something “Hmmf Mmmfh hh mm Hmumf”.

It sometimes occurs to me that my primary motivation for being submissive is that I’m fundamentally lazy. Being on the bottom side of things seems to involve a lot less heavy lifting (so to speak) and manual activity compared to being a Dom. I’m pretty certain that this isn't the case and even if it were I don't just participate in face-fucking because it’s less work than a blow job. It's quite the strenuous workout in its way.

I’m also jolly keen on a spot of fellatio but of course, we already all know the word for that.

Irrumatio / Irrumation / Irrumate
Etymology: From the Latin irrumare , suck or fellate 

Examples of this word in a sentence:
“Darling, would you irrumate me this evening?”
“We had a lovely holiday with plenty of sightseeing, bird-watching and irrumation.”

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Book Review - His Little Spy by Finley Brown

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Five Stars!

A sense of time and place is wonderfully evoked in Finley Brown’s “His Little Spy” as the reader is transported to eighteenth century Scotland and immersed in the Jacobite Rebellion.

Lady Kellina Crawford is an eighteen year old widow and a spy on the side of the King James and the plans to reinstate the Catholic king to the British throne. To be fair she’s a terrible spy what with haring off unthinkingly into dangerous situations and flashing papist symbols at all and sundry.

But what she lacks in common sense and subterfuge she more than makes up for in spirit, independence, good intentions and copious amounts of luck. Her biggest bit of good luck was having Lord Hamish MacDonald assigned as her Protector. Hamish is a strong, noble kilt-wearing hunk of deliciousness. Sadly for Kellina, she is betrothed to someone else who is none of those things. Because, of course, a woman of nobility in 1736 is not allowed to marry for love and is instead expected to be used as a pawn in financial and political machinations.

Well, at least she can enjoy the scenery.

Inevitably love happens away for Kellina and Hamish. The chemistry between the two heroes sizzles and crackles on the page. Hamish swiftly recognises Kellina’s need for guardianship, protection and discipline and becomes the ‘Papa’ figure that she craves. The disciplinary spankings meted out by Hamish are exactly what Kellina needs and are wonderful to read.

Hamish, too, becomes enmeshed in the Jacobite cause as secrets and plots are unveiled deep in the Scottish Highlands. This is a fast-moving story with plenty of drama and a higher body count than is usual for a spanky romance novel. The death of one particular supporting character towards the end of the book is particularly upsetting.

That said, this is an uplifting book which ends in a happy place but with the promise of more intrigue to come. “His Little Spy” is the second book in Finley Brown’s Scottish Submission series. I hadn’t read the first book “His Sweet Curse” before reading this. It doesn’t seem to be necessary although the previous book’s protagonists, Sorcha and Edward, are part of this story. I have added “His Sweet Curse” to my virtual reading pile now. I want to be fully up to date by the time Finley Brown releases the next book in the series.

Because I hope we haven’t reached the end of her gripping retelling of the Jacobite Risings just yet.