Saturday 25 January 2020

Saturday Spankings - "You're all talk"

Happy spanky Saturdays, everyone! My new book The Liberation of Miss X is going to be published in two weeks time on 6th February! It's very exciting.

This week's snippet follows on directly from last week's.

Our dashing 19th century hero, William Beech has just threatened the heroine with a spanking.

Out soon!
Flora took another sip of whisky. Evidently the liquor was loosening her tongue. “No you won’t,” she said dismissively. “You’re all talk.” The words had barely left her lips before she found herself grabbed by the waist as William quickly sat down on one of the dining room chairs and upended her over his lap. She let out a squawk of indignation as her skirts and petticoats were flipped up over her head leaving her bloomer-clad bottom exposed to the lawyer’s gaze. “Flora,” he said calmly. “I don’t believe for a moment that you think I am ‘all talk’. I think you fully intended to spur me into action.”

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Friday 24 January 2020

Book Review - Daddy's Sassy Little Superhero by Adaline Raine

Daddy's Sassy Little Superhero

Four Stars

Sometimes, it turns out, making one seemingly small decision will have repercussions that will affect your life forever. That's certainly the case for Caitlyn, the heroine of Adaline Raine's sweet spanky superhero romance, Daddy's Sassy Little Superhero.

Like Maren Smith's Daddy Shark which I reviewed last week, this story was originally one of seven books released as the Super Daddies collection. They're all great and now all being re-released as separate books.

In Caitlyn's case, the whole life-changing-out-of-all-recognition thing isn't all that bad, given that her life wasn't all that great before the events at the beginning of this story. Caitlyn works at a pizzeria and is told to deliver a pizza to Devil's Park, a notorious criminal black spot. She entirely fails to deliver the pizza but does manage to rescue a woman from the city's most powerful villain by suddenly discovering hitherto dormant super-strength super-powers.

This sort of thing happens
Using your powers for the first time takes a lot out of a girl and after squashing guns and throwing bad guys around, Caitlyn collapses. So it's lucky for her that there's a masked vigilante waiting in the wings ready to rescue her when she collapses.

Our masked man is Kade, he's another super-sort. He takes the comatose Caitlyn back to his house and very sweetly nurses her back to health for a few days.

Cait regains consciousness (which is handy because conscious characters are always better for plot development. She and Kade have a lot to talk about especially after he forbids her to leave his house for her own safety. It doesn't stop her trying, of course, but happily, Kade is on hand to provide her with physical punishment and sexy forms of persuasion.

Kade can spank her with gay abandon because although Caitlyn has super-strength, she doesn't seem to have super-high-pain-threshold. She injures herself at one point by thumping her own leg a little too enthusiastically. I imagine that's a bit of a drawback when it comes to fighting bad guys. She can dish it out but she literally can't take it.

Not that we really have much of a chance to see Caitlyn's super-powers in action. The structure of this book is a little odd. Most of the book consists of Kade and Caitlyn hiding in Kade's fancy residence avoiding trouble. Which is a good thing in lots of ways because it gives our two heroes lots of time to get to know - and fall in love - with one another. Lots of sexy spanks and spanky sex ensues.

But - SPOILERS ahoy! - as soon as a bit of action is introduced and our pair leap into super-heroic action, the book just sort of ... stops. So much is unresolved. The characters are still fleeing for their lives and that's all we get. A quick reassurance that everything will probably be OK. Perhaps, Adaline Raine is setting us up for future instalments but ending the story during one of the book's only action scenes, just seems weird.

It's a bit like the last scene of 'Angel'
That said, it's a great book. The characters are well drawn. Caitlyn has frankly dangerous levels of low self-esteem and Kade is just the man to help her belief in herself. Often by having her writing lines and bending over to get her bottom spanked. You can't fault his methods, they work beautifully.

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Saturday 18 January 2020

Saturday Spankings - "I’ll put you over my knee and give your bottom a damn good spanking"

Happy Saturday everyone! This is the first time I have participated in #SatSpanks for a looong time. I took a break from writing for a while but I'm back now and my new book The Liberation of Miss X will be published on the 6th of February.

The book is set in London in 1890. Flora Taylor has been estranged from her beloved brother, Edward, for five years after their father banished him from the house and refused to have anything to do with him. When she is reunited with him, she is delighted to have him back in her life but, sadly, her happiness is short-lived.

Edward and his lover, George, are arrested and imprisoned for Gross Indecency. The laws of Victorian London mean that the two men are facing the prospect of prison with hard labour for the crime of being in love with one another.

Flora must work with Edward’s friend and solicitor William Beech to secure their release. However, the more time she spends with Mr Beech, the more she finds herself opening up to feelings and passions that she has never had the chance to explore before.

As Flora and Mr Beech fall in love, they explore a world of spanking, restraints and submission. A world that is new to Flora but already familiar to Mr Beech, a member of London’s notorious Spider Club. Flora discovers a world that she never knew existed and that she is all too happy to embrace.

This snippet is part of the build-up to Flora's first spanking from William:

“Right now, I would suggest that you eat.” William gestured towards the dinner on the table. 
Flora shook her head. “I can’t right now. My nerves would not permit it.” 
“You mustn’t jeopardise your health,” warned William. 
“I do not intend to,” said Flora, taking another sip of her whisky. “You’re not eating either, I see. Should I berate you for endangering your health?” 
“No. You can curb that attitude, though. Or I’ll put you over my knee and give your bottom a damn good spanking.”

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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Book Review - Daddy Shark by Maren Smith

He's not actually that big. That'd be impractical.


Five Stars!

There are some superhero powers which really lend themselves to being a Daddy Dom. Super strength would be a great one. Or mind-reading. Kinda turning into a shark, though? Hmmm, not so much.

Shark-like transformation, though, is the super-power that Daddy Shark’s hero Ommin has been blessed with. The poor lad has spent a lifetime not feeling comfortable in his (sometimes shark-like) skin and has hidden away rather than embracing his magical fish powers.

This is not what Ommin looks like.

Happily, as our story starts, Ommin bravely – and very publicly – saves a man’s life and suddenly everybody wants to know all about him. This brings him into the path of the very delightful Britney, a junior reporter on a local radio station.

There is a lot of wonderfully written Dommy sex ‘n’ spanks in this book. Maren Smith is very good at this sort of thing. Ommin’s expert Domming skills are even more impressive given that at the start of the book, he is a complete novice in all things BDSM. He’s obviously a natural at it though. It turns out that fish transformation isn’t Ommin’s only super-power.

Nor is this.
For all its outlandish superhero antics (and I haven’t even mentioned Ommin’s friend Liquidman yet), this book actually provides one of the most down-to-earth and realistic depictions of someone learning about the BDSM lifestyle.

Inspired by a tell-tale indicator of Britney’s kinky preferences, Ommin takes to the internet to do some research. This might be the first erotic novel I’ve read that directly references Fetlife. (And I’ve read hundreds of the things, believe me.) Maren Smith also cheekily throws in references to fellow authors like Allysa Hart, Rayanna Jamison and Maggie Ryan, whose book blurbs Ommin uses as part of his research.

What the dickens is going on with this one's legs? No wonder he's cross.
The romance between Ommin and Britney ignites quickly and soars like a rocket. They are clearly a very good fit for one another. The chemistry between the two is beautifully drawn and the dialogue is very, very funny. Supporting character Jim (the aforementioned Liquidman) is a brilliant addition to the cast. Every scene he is in is hilarious.

Of course, this is a superhero story. And inevitably, Ommin and Britney’s D/s time gets interrupted more than they’d like by “Superhero needed to save the day”-type business. Goes with the territory, you see. Throughout the book, Ommin really grows into his role. He transforms from hermit-like self-conscious ‘freak’ to super-cool confident day-saver. This is in no small way down to Britney’s encouragement and support.

This is absolutely the last Manshark picture. I promise.
You know that he will save the day. You don’t mess with the Sharkman. Or his sassy little submissive.

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Saturday 11 January 2020

Book Review - The Academy by Isabella Kole

The Academy

Three Stars

This is a strange book. Ostensibly it’s the story of a young woman, Karia Daly who is sent to a super-strict academy of higher education in order to study journalism. However, there’s something slightly otherworldly about the whole set-up that is never really addressed.

There are occasional references to magic in the text (such as when she is “magically” bound to a chair prior to punishment) but these are so few and underdeveloped that it’s difficult to tell if they are there on purpose or not.

It’s like the author started off writing spanking-based Harry Potter fanfic and then decided to change it to something set in our Muggle world instead.

There’s very little sex in this book and all the spankings are – on the surface at least – all disciplinary rather than erotic. Which is fine and good and what you’d expect if you’ve chosen to read a book called “The Academy”. What’s annoying though is that almost every single one of those spankings is undeserved.

Karia is repeatedly strapped for things she hasn’t done and occasionally just on the whim of other people. It made me lose respect for the Academy’s Masters (you can be as firm as you like, in my book, but you have to be fair). It also made it difficult to respect Karia who just seems to docilely accept it all.

There is a nascent relationship between Karia and fellow student, Prince Henry. (For a supposedly strict establishment, the Academy does seem to provide an awful lot of freedom for its students to hook up.) This relationship is not the most interesting one in the book. In fact, the story pretty much tediously grinds to a halt whenever Karia goes to visit Prince Henry’s palace. In stark contrast, every scene that contains both Karia and her Discipline Master, Oliver Armstrong, brings the book back to life.

Master Armstrong. Possibly.
This is the first book of a series. It covers Karia’s first academic year so I’m guessing there will be three altogether. “The Academy” leaves the reader with a lot of unanswered questions – particularly regarding the character, history and motivation of Master Armstrong.

Hopefully, the next book will give the guy a lot more screen time. He is the best thing in it.

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Saturday 4 January 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy 2020 everyone!

This is going to be an exciting year for me as I will well and truly have my Author Hat firmly back in place.

I have two new books scheduled for the early part of this year -  "The Liberation of Miss X" which will be released on 6th February and "Challenging Chelsey" to be released on  5th March.

Two very different spanky romances! More details soon.