Friday, 24 January 2020

Book Review - Daddy's Sassy Little Superhero by Adaline Raine

Daddy's Sassy Little Superhero

Four Stars

Sometimes, it turns out, making one seemingly small decision will have repercussions that will affect your life forever. That's certainly the case for Caitlyn, the heroine of Adaline Raine's sweet spanky superhero romance, Daddy's Sassy Little Superhero.

Like Maren Smith's Daddy Shark which I reviewed last week, this story was originally one of seven books released as the Super Daddies collection. They're all great and now all being re-released as separate books.

In Caitlyn's case, the whole life-changing-out-of-all-recognition thing isn't all that bad, given that her life wasn't all that great before the events at the beginning of this story. Caitlyn works at a pizzeria and is told to deliver a pizza to Devil's Park, a notorious criminal black spot. She entirely fails to deliver the pizza but does manage to rescue a woman from the city's most powerful villain by suddenly discovering hitherto dormant super-strength super-powers.

This sort of thing happens
Using your powers for the first time takes a lot out of a girl and after squashing guns and throwing bad guys around, Caitlyn collapses. So it's lucky for her that there's a masked vigilante waiting in the wings ready to rescue her when she collapses.

Our masked man is Kade, he's another super-sort. He takes the comatose Caitlyn back to his house and very sweetly nurses her back to health for a few days.

Cait regains consciousness (which is handy because conscious characters are always better for plot development. She and Kade have a lot to talk about especially after he forbids her to leave his house for her own safety. It doesn't stop her trying, of course, but happily, Kade is on hand to provide her with physical punishment and sexy forms of persuasion.

Kade can spank her with gay abandon because although Caitlyn has super-strength, she doesn't seem to have super-high-pain-threshold. She injures herself at one point by thumping her own leg a little too enthusiastically. I imagine that's a bit of a drawback when it comes to fighting bad guys. She can dish it out but she literally can't take it.

Not that we really have much of a chance to see Caitlyn's super-powers in action. The structure of this book is a little odd. Most of the book consists of Kade and Caitlyn hiding in Kade's fancy residence avoiding trouble. Which is a good thing in lots of ways because it gives our two heroes lots of time to get to know - and fall in love - with one another. Lots of sexy spanks and spanky sex ensues.

But - SPOILERS ahoy! - as soon as a bit of action is introduced and our pair leap into super-heroic action, the book just sort of ... stops. So much is unresolved. The characters are still fleeing for their lives and that's all we get. A quick reassurance that everything will probably be OK. Perhaps, Adaline Raine is setting us up for future instalments but ending the story during one of the book's only action scenes, just seems weird.

It's a bit like the last scene of 'Angel'
That said, it's a great book. The characters are well drawn. Caitlyn has frankly dangerous levels of low self-esteem and Kade is just the man to help her belief in herself. Often by having her writing lines and bending over to get her bottom spanked. You can't fault his methods, they work beautifully.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Appreciate you taking the time to read it and hope you enjoy other stories more in the future. :)