Free Short Stories

Want free spanking stories? Well, google it, then. Internet's bloody full of them.

Want free spanking stories written by me without leaving the comfort of this particular website? I can totally help you with that.

Old School Discipline 

This story was written for the End of Summer Spanks bloghop. It needed to be school themed. Hope this is school-y enough for you.

The Final Straw

My entry to last year's Smut Manchester's "Flash Challenge." I was given a picture of the Manchester Wheel and had to extrapolate filth from there. You know what, I can filth up anything you throw at me.

The following stories are my contributions to this year's Hot Off competition.

I submitted teeny tiny kinky amuse bouches of fewer than 500 hundred words for each round. Each one had to contain a word specified by the organisers. The words were Door, Hotel, Fork and Courage.


Hope you enjoy them. There will be more.

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