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T is for Taste of Loving Discipline

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Abigail Armani, author of fantastic time-travel romance "The Castle" among several billion other spanking romances, has a new book out - A Taste Of Loving Discipline.* I am in the middle of reading it now and really enjoying it a lot. It's a great story with a feisty young artist and a devilishly good-looking solicitor and the sort of "Will They, Won't They?" which makes it so much more satisfying when they eventually do.

It also has a very saucy cover which made me reconsider my
don't-switch-adult-content-button-on policy for a bit.
He gave her a playful slap. “I'll tell you something – it's good not to be under constant attack.” 
“Well it's been kind of fun baiting you … winding you up.” 
“Agreed – but now you know that there will be consequences for such behaviour.” He grinned wolfishly at the thought. “Starting right now.” He appreciatively eyed the lovely bottom presented for his delight, savouring that precious moment before the spanking begins.
June held her breath for a moment as she felt his hand rest lightly on her back, then stroke down to the rounded curves of her bottom. Then his hand descended – five spanks to crown of her right cheek, followed by five to the left. 
“Oh!” she squealed, enjoying the contact of his hand on her bare flesh, but not yet quite sure about the sting that was building. “Yeow!” she yelled as his hand moved slightly lower down. 
Next door, Hilda was about to switch on the television to watch her favourite soap, but those strange noises from the other side of the wall distracted her. She paused, listening. Realisation dawned. “Well I say!” she declared. “He's spanking her naughty bottom – oh what fun!” 
She jumped up out of her chair and practically sprinted to the wall where she unashamedly stood with her left ear pressed against the wallpaper, chuckling to herself at the shenanigans. 
Oblivious to the fact that anyone was listening, Alex continued. He was measured and methodical, making sure he covered every inch of that wonderful bottom. June made a succession of yips and yelps and waggled her bottom from side to side. Encouraged, Alex continued to spank but with his free hand he probed her pussy. June almost purred in delight. And then the pattern changed and her eyes flew wide open. This time the smacks came hard and fast, a flurry of fast-paced spanks with no discernible pattern, peppering her bottom and upper thighs. 
June shrieked as his hand made contact with her thighs. That area was unbelievably tender. She twisted and squirmed, yelping as he found the most tender spots. And every time she felt the pain building to a level she didn't think she could deal with, he instinctively knew – tuning in to her psyche his wandering hand penetrated her depths, or flicked her clit, or massaged her breasts, teasing her rigid nipples until she thought she would go crazy with pure pleasure.
Then he started again, revisiting the burning spots, applying a second layer of wonderful sting. He delivered a fast-paced volley that left her mewling and breathless. 
“Ohhh! She shrieked. “Oh yes! I'm loving it!” 
“Oh my,” murmured Hilda on the other side of the wall. She pressed her ear even harder against the wallpaper. 
“You want more?” Alex whispered seductively. 
“Yes. Yes … don't stop, Alex. Please don't stop.” 
“Happy to oblige my lady.” He grinned and raised his hand again, bringing it down dead centre of her bottom. This was a much harder spank than those that had gone before it, and June jolted in surprise. Two more followed, then another two, eliciting more vocal noises from June and set her wriggling again; and as her bottom jerked and twitched and jiggled, Alex savoured the delightful sight, loving the way her buttocks bounced under his hand.
He spanked on until she was breathless and gasping, her bottom a wonderful bright pink hue. There was a pause and the unmistakable sound of a leather belt being pulled through loops, the metallic clang of the buckle as the length of leather was folded in half. The unique scent of leather assailed her senses. Then came a new sensation, the cool kiss of leather as he draped it sensually over her heated cheeks. 
“Trust me,” he said. “Ready for more?” 
“Yes.” There was no hesitation in her voice.


Description:June is a feisty, funny and passionate artist who knows exactly what she wants out of life. What she doesn't want is Alexander Stewart. The intelligent, smooth-talking, infuriatingly handsome lawyer irritates her in so many ways. Alex is like no other man she has ever met. A naturally dominant man, he takes control as effortlessly as breathing. Any woman of his needs to submit to his authority - and his discipline ... he has no hesitation in spanking a naughty bottom, and is not averse to bedroom games involving blindfolds and restraints.

When June starts an exciting new phase of her life in a beautiful village in Northumberland, she is surprised to find that it is Alex who offers her his friendship and support. Life is good, but there are choices to be made. June could stick with Geoffrey, an amusing though fickle blond Adonis, or maybe she could forge a satisfying relationship with a new man she meets. She does neither. And just when things are going really well for her, something unexpectedly unpleasant happens, placing her in danger. This encourages the man who truly loves her to claim her on a permanent basis.

A substantial read, this book has enough hot sex and sensual delights to satisfy any reader curious about domination and submission, and it also has a strong story line and a happy ever after ending.

A Taste of Loving Discipline is available from Amazon. Further details from LSF publications.

* Not to be confused with Casey McKay's Taste of Discipline which is an entirely different book. Things can get weird when readers get books muddled up you know. Take Emily Schultz whose book got mistaken for Stephen King's one of the same name leading to a massive boost in both sales and confused, negative reviews.
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