Saturday, 14 June 2014

N is for Nightie

This is a Saturday Spanks blog post.

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Or Nightgown or nightdress or nightrobe - whatever you choose to call it. It’s what decorous ladies wear to protect their modesty in the bedroom. And my young ladies are always decorous - at least to start off with. Though to be fair, they tend to get divested of their nightgowns fairly quickly.

This week’s Saturday Spankings excerpt comes from my latest book Lady Westbrook’s Discovery.

Margaret, the former Lady Westbrook, has had her nightgown forcibly ripped off her by her husband while he was administering a thorough disciplinary spanking with a leather strap.

The spanking is over, the air has been cleared and bridges have been mended. Margaret is feeling relaxed enough to bemoan the destruction of her nightwear.
“My poor nightie,” she said. “It’s completely beyond repair.”

Felix looked unrepentant. “It was in the way. I couldn’t get to your bottom properly. It had to go.” 
“You could have just removed it.”

“If I’d thought of it before I tied you to the bed post, then yes, I could have. As it happens, I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”

Margaret giggled. “You hadn’t thought through the logistics at all, had you? I thought you had one of the top scientific minds in the country.”

She immediately found herself pulled over Felix’s lap, a volley of spanks raining down on her already sore and bruised backside.

“Right, madam,” said Felix. “That was for your impertinence. Do you have any more comments to make about the quality of my spanking technique? Because I’m perfectly happy to repeat the whole process if you think I could do with the practice.”

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  1. That's one of those things you know the second after you say it that it was a mistake.

  2. Lol, his scientific mind if on other things.

  3. LMAO love it, Etta :) these two are great. yes, Felix needs practice :D