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W is for What Naughty Little Girls Get

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My guest today is the lovely and amazing Megan Michaels whose debut novel What Naughty Little Girls Get has been storming its way up the Amazon and Blushing bestseller lists since it was released earlier this month. Excellent work, Megan!

Naughty Little Girls

Thank you Etta for having me on to promote my book What Naughty Little Girls Get, which has been out now for three weeks.   I have enjoyed the phenomenal response by readers and appreciate all the private notes, messages and emails that I have received asking when the next one is going to be out.  I am almost done with another book and am hoping to get it to the publisher by July 4th week.  I am sharing a snippet from What Naughty Little Girls Get where Brad has sent Molly upstairs to prepare for the rest of her punishment and he is left downstairs thinking about his lovely wife and how they met and how they started domestic discipline in their Daddy/little girl roles. 
Brad sat back in his La-Z-Boy and contemplated the course of the night’s events. He knew she needed discipline, had known it since the moment he met her, but that didn’t make the task any easier. Brad and Michael had worked together for years and had become instant friends because they had similar interests, one of which was domestic discipline. Brad had wanted a wife who was sassy, independent, and intelligent—and yet someone who would want a husband who would be the head of household, dispensing discipline as needed to keep peace in the house. He had loved taking care of his past girlfriends and having a wife who was a ‘little’ was exactly what he hoped for. He had initially envied Michael for having found a wife who wanted to be a little girl on the weekends. Their marriage was a strong and happy one, but now, he had that too.

When Molly had been hired as a secretary and had started working with Meggie, they had decided to set Brad up on a blind date with her. She was outgoing, organized, and a great party planner. But in Brad’s opinion, Molly had an innocence that he found undeniably endearing. He loved that she had childlike qualities—she loved playing on swings in the park, watching Disney movies, and going sledding on a winter’s day. After they had been dating a few weeks, Molly had texted Brad on her phone while driving home and she found out that night that he took her safety seriously. He took her over his knee and spanked her little bare bottom until it was very red and very sore.

From that point on, they practiced domestic discipline in their relationship and over the course of time they evolved into a Daddy/little relationship. Brad had always been nurturing and loved nothing more than dressing and caring for his little girl. Within months of meeting, Brad and Molly were married and after they married, they spent many evenings with Michael and Megan, enjoying their company.

Michael mentored Brad on this path of domestic discipline and helped him understand his role as disciplinarian and Daddy. Brad had many questions and often wondered where the balance was between cherishing and chastising his little girl. He loved his wife—no, he adored his wife—but he knew she craved discipline and boundaries. He didn’t want to see her cry, or hurt her, even if it was just her bottom. But as Michael had predicted, Molly flourished under the stringent boundaries Brad imposed upon her and when stern discipline was administered, followed by his unconditional love, a peace seemed to come over her that turned her into a beautifully submissive wife.

He chuckled and shook his head. Meggie and Molly together were trouble with a capital ‘T’ and they spent many nights sleeping on their stomachs with very well-spanked bottoms. Even after five years of marriage, Michael had confided to him that Meggie received just as many bad girl spankings as good girl spankings. He was beginning to understand how that could happen, because once he was done punishing Molly tonight, she would have received two very difficult bad girl spankings for drinking and driving. Molly knew the rules about drinking; she had been spanked several times for having a drink and driving home. This punishment would be a harsh one and would convince her once and for all that she needed to follow the rules.

He got out of his favorite chair and decided he would give her a few more minutes of anticipation, while he closed the blinds, locked the doors, turned out the lights, and brought the dog in the house.

When Molly and Meggie are together, they always get into trouble—which means they always get spanked—and after they decide to meet for two-for-one margarita night at the local bar without notifying their husbands, Brad and Michael, they know they are in big trouble. Once the girls get home they are soundly spanked and sent to bed, but the next day Molly and Meggie are shocked to learn their husbands plan to punish them again—together this time—and this punishment will be much more embarrassing than just a spanking.

Although the women thrive on the love, care, and discipline their husbands give them, they still can’t seem to behave, which means Brad and Michael will have to keep on reminding them what naughty little girls get.

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