Friday, 27 June 2014

Y is for "You Wouldn't Dare!"

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"You wouldn't dare" is a wonderful phrase to come across in a spanking romance. It shows that the heroine is sassy enough to put up an argument but it's also a sure-fire guarantee that she is going to get her bottom reddened very soon indeed. Because no hero in the history of ever has responded to being told he wouldn't dare by saying "No, you're right. Sorry about that. Don't know what I was thinking of there."

So I have gathered a few some examples of ladies proclaiming - against all possible evidence to the contrary - that the hero simply wouldn't dare.

First off, here's the eponymous heroine of Lorette and the Wild Thyme Hotel by Georgia Harries. Lorette's already been spanked once by the hero so you'd think she'd know better.
"You'll mind your tongue and forget you ever found this pistol, or else ..." he hissed, as he carefully removed the bullets from the gun cradle. 
She scowled. "Or else what?" 
"You know fine well what else! It'll be another spanking for you. And this time with your knickers down. Since the first time clearly wasn't enough for you!" 
Lorette screeched in laughter. Although something in his words caused her heart to race in a way that was entirely new to her. 
"Oh I see! How boring and predictable! With your rough country ways! You wouldn't dare do such a thing! Not again!"
Yeah, what are the chances, eh?

This is from 1950's comic "Love Confessions".
You don't actually get to see the spanking but I am going to assume that it definitely happened.
 The next snippet is from Mary Wehr's excellent To Have and To Scold - one of the Sons of Johnny Hastings books. Yes, the heroine Annie Dobbs actually says those words to hero, Matthew Caine. Sweetheart, he's one of the sons of Johnny Hastings - those boys never miss an opportunity to deliver a well-deserved spanking.
"Don't go getting an innocent man involved in your childish games, Annie Dobbs. Now you're coming with me real peaceful like," he set her on her feet, "or else."
"Oh yeah?" 
"Yeah," he shot back and snatched hold of her wrist once again. "One more word and I'll turn you over my knee right here and tan you proper."
Annie pursed her lips and gave his arm another yank. "You wouldn't dare."
He chuckled dryly. "How long have we been neighbors, Annie?" She opened her mouth and he cut her off with a stern glower. "I've known you since the day you were born. You've pestered me from the moment you began to walk. You know darn well that whenever I threatened you with a spanking I made good my threat, didn't I?" 
Yup, I think it's safe to say Annie's got a spanking coming up in the very near future.

Now a couple of panels from The Daily Mirror's Jane comic strip during the war years. Jane gets a taste of military discipline.
You know what? I think he would.

Oh look, he totally did dare.
Next there's Eddie, My Love from Patricia Green's Romantek series. June's having a fully immersive virtual reality dream experience set in 1950. She's just met hard-boiled detective, Eddie Strong who isn't taking kindly to her flirting with other 'Joe's.
"A gal could get herself in serious trouble the way you're going, June."  
This was a dream. What kind of trouble could she get into? "Don't threaten me."  
"Look at one more Joe the way you just did and I'll take you over my knee to teach you
some manners."  
She shot him an icy look. "You wouldn't dare."  
He nodded and that hard grin was back. "I wouldn't, huh?"
You don't want to make the sexy detective angry, there, June. Oh wait, yes you do. Keep on doing what you're doing. In fact throw your drink over him. See how that works out for you.

Lastly, we've got Superman come to join our eclectic little collection. He doesn't actually administer the spanking, but he certainly seems to be enjoying it.

She's some kind of Space-Queen. You can tell by the outfit.

Brilliantly the galactic space-viscount or whatever-he-is administering the spanking is called Evad.
Evad! Ha ha! That's just Dave backwards.

Good work, Dave. You play it cool there, mate.
So, any more examples of soon-to-be-spanked brats telling their soon-to-be-spankers "You wouldn't dare!" that you can think of? Please share in the comments.
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  1. Great post, Etta! I'm going to try that out with Mr. McKay... always looking for ways to get him to spank me. Only I guess I can only retort with "You wouldn't dare!" if he threatened first. He normally just threatens NOT to spank me, the dork.
    Hey, who knew Superman was such a spanko? Where do you find this stuff?

  2. Thanks for quoting from Eddie, My Love, Etta. I love a "you wouldn't dare" scenario. I know it's exactly what I would say under any of the circumstances you shared. Of course, with the right (yummy) guy, it wouldn't get me very far. Come to think of it, I've never said that to my husband. I've always know he *would* dare. :)

    1. I like the Jane strip, because it shows perfectly the setup and the payoff to a good, old-fashioned, romantic spanking. Jane has a crush on her oldish, but sexy CO and challenges him, and he responds by threatening her with a spanking. When Jane replies with the traditional You wouldn't dare, she probably really thinks that he would not do it - because that is not the way you usually punish disobedient soldiers. After the spanking she rubs her bottom and complains that she though he liked her, and another male at the office tells her that he probably loves her, otherwise he would not have bothered to spank her. And we are left with the impression that in spite of a sore bottom Jane is not altogether dissatisfied with that answer.

    2. I agree that the words You wouldn't dare are the most interesting in a romance novel. It shows that the man wants to spank her for her reckless behaviour, and that she does not want to give in easily. Subconsciously she probably wants him to show her thathe is man enough to handle her temper tantrums, and he wants to show her that he is a real man who would never hit a woman, but thinks it is OK to spank her. After the spanking they both respect each other more than before - and that is a good foundation for love and marriage. And probably the woman will be spanked a few more times, even though she does not like the embarassment and the pain of the actual spankings, she likes the afters - and the effect it has on her husband - cause any red-blooded man will be turned on by having the man he loves bare-bottomed over his knees for a disciplinary spanking.

  3. I love "You wouldn't dare".
    And loved the cartoons!
    Great post, Etta

    1. - You wouldn't dre! ... Not so hard, darling! - but of course the husband continues to spank his wife's bottom long and hard. And she may resent it while it's going on, but she'll love him all the more later for showing him that he does dare. The words "you wouldn't dare" comin from a naughty wife or uppity girlfriend are almost sure to get the young lady spanked, and most of them wouldn't have it any other way.

  4. Fantastic post, Etta! I loved the comics. Annie knows Matt will carry out his threat, but she questions it anyway.I believe these sassy ladies enjoy driving their men wild!

    1. You wouldn't dare - is what a young lady says when she wants to make sure that the man spanks her. Otherwise she would be smart enough to know that a real man always accepts a challenge. I love young ladies with spunk enough to challenge the men, and I like the way they make up and make love after a good, hard spanking. And the woman should not be spanked into submission, at least not more than to challenge him again - because deep down she loves the feeling of being taken in hand and cared for, even if the actual spanking hurts like the dickens. :-)

  5. LOL, the comics were great, Etta!! I remember reading romance comic strips many moons ago. Annie knows Matt will carry out his threat, but she questions him anyway. Our sassy ladies love to drive their men wild!

  6. Yes, interesting reading for a man. It does seem as if women actually use the words You wouldn't dare to make sure that they bwere spanked. And as a man I would react the same way rather than be considered a wimp.