Friday, 6 June 2014

F is for Flip Flops

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Black Flip Flops are, of course, the internationally recognised preferred footwear of a Dom. I know this from reading Sheri Savill’s Bound for Disappointment.

In fact, there are a great many things I know now that I didn’t before I read that book. I look back on those sweet innocent days pre-BFD with misty eyed nostalgia. But that innocence has not much gone as been tied up, gagged, lightly swatted with a wooden spoon and then read chunks of Vageena Royale’s “Tentacled Lactating Domme Bitches”.

We’re none of us what we once were, quite frankly.

So prepare yourself for some sexy XXX-rated hard core flip flop action. This is going to be intense.

Oh my, gentlemen.

Nice sock action

This gentleman has a handy place to keep his condoms and pomegranate-scented lube. Smooth.

Hmm. You know, I don't think those actually count as flip flops.

And you, sir, are probably trying just a bit too hard

Be still my heart. Peter Andre is a wearer of black flip flops?
Surely every woman's fantasy come true.
(Or at least those fantasies that involve having Mysterious Girl sung to you whilst being dominated
by flip-flop-wearing ex-Mr Katie Price. So, you know, most fantasies, then.)
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  1. Oh Etta! You crazy thing, you! I love this SO HARD. Thank you! (Ahem. The usual "F" one associates with erotica might not be "flip flops," but this is so creative and funny and cool!) You made my YEAR.

  2. My sir calls them "flippy-floppies" which doesn't endear them to me. HOWEVER, I indulge him because... well, spankings. ;)