Tuesday, 3 June 2014

C is for Cover Reveal

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C was originally supposed to be for 'Cookie' because you know once you start the sentence "C is for..." there's only way to finish it. With a song.

But hold that thought because it turns out that C is also for... Cover Reveal!

Oh yes! My much anticipated (by me, at least) new book, Lady Westbrook's Discovery will be on sale from

  Wednesday 4th June! 

Only one more sleep to go! And right now, I can share with you the very exclusive, first ever reveal of the new book cover. What do you think? I think it's rather lovely.

Lady Margaret Westbrook is a forty-one year old widow who has not given romance a second thought in the ten years since her husband passed away. When she meets Felix Oliver, a brilliant scientist fifteen years her junior, she is surprised by his determination to win her heart. Lady Westbrook discovers a passion within herself that she never knew existed. 
However, accepting Felix Oliver's proposal will mean relinquishing her title, lowering her social standing and risking both the gossip of polite society and the disapproval of her grown-up sons. Not only that but he has made it clear that he is a firm believer in corporal punishment for women and that consenting to be his wife will mean frequent trips across his lap for a sound spanking. How far is Lady Westbrook willing to go on this journey of discovery?
I really am very excited about the release. I hope everyone who enjoyed His Lordship's Apprentice will give it a go. I think it manages to be rather more filthy than my first book while still remaining sweet and romantic.

And so that you don't all go away disappointed (and because I alluded to it on Thianna D's awesome Sesame Street-themed 'A' post), let's remind ourselves what 'C' really stands for...

"Who cares about the other things!"
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  1. That's a beautiful cover! Congratulation on you release day. Now I need a cookie.

    1. Oh, if it's cookies you want, head over to Megan Michaels blog. Whole new spin on cookies over there. :)

  2. I love the cover!
    Congratulaions, Etta!
    This looks great!

  3. That cover is fabulous. This looks like a great read too. Congrats!

  4. I love the cover! I am a cover-girl! If the cover of a book does not grab my attention, I will probably not take a second look or read the blurb on the book! I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover! Well, I do! Book sounds great!