Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Q is for Quiz

This post is part of the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge. What's that I hear you ask? Check out my page here for more information.

Welcome to the very, very exciting A-Z Spanking Hop 'Q' Day Quiz!

This is your opportunity to impress the world with your knowledge of spanking romance titles based on their cover art. Below are 22 books by 22 great authors (well 21 great authors and me, to be fair). Using the latest state-of-the-art digital manipulation technologies, I have cunning obscured the book titles and provided you with a choice of four different options for the missing title. Some of them are even plausible.

I would suggest trying to complete the quiz without looking them up because on Amazon because just going off and reading the things isn't terribly sporting and might reduce your sense of achievement just a tad. In fact when you should probably avoid glancing to the right of this page as that gives you a bit of a clue to one of them

Good luck! Let me know how well you did in the comments or on facebook. Of course, anyone who fails to get question number 8 correct will be instantly defriended.

Spanking Romance Covers Quiz


Married by the Afternoon
Mesmerised by the Adoration
Marked by the Alpha
Making Out by the Animal House


The Glass House
The Glamorous Hotel
The Golden Handkerchief
The Giftwrapped Handcuffs


Lucky Strike
Long Shot
Last Season
Loud Silence


Emmaline's Groom
Enigmatic Gifts
Eberneezer's Girl
Extraordinary Governance


Back Lawn Angel
Best Lover Anywhere
Bethany's Last Affair
Becoming Lady Amherst


Making Me His Mistress
Mysterious Man Hugs Maid
Meeting My Hit Man
Maggie Meets Her Match


Bred by the Spartans
Buggery by the Sea
Birched by the Stepbrothers
Biceps by the Sackload


Last Week's Debutante
Lydia's Wanton Diary
Lady Westbrook's Discovery
Love Will Disappoint


Driven Wild
Dirty Weekend
Dangerous Woman
Dominant Waiter


Tabitha the Whore
Taming the Wilde
Thrashing the Wife
Training the Wench


The Jelly Bean
The Jealous Beau
The Juniper Bride
The Jilted Beauty


The Cool Stockman
The Convenient Shirt
The Cowboy's Secret
The Cattlerancher's Silence


Chasing Chelsea
Caroline's Choice
Cuddling Conspicuously
Clear Consequences


To Have and To Scold
To Help and To Serve
The Hungry and The Starved
The Hot and The Sexy


Wild Nymphettes' Gay Games
What Naughty Little Girls Get
Wednesday Night Lovers Get Goofy
When Nubile Ladies Get Gifts


The Fetishist's Gasmask
The Firebrand's Game
The Flirty Gentleman
The Firefighter's Girl


Ravished by the Boatswain
Rescued by the Buccaneer
Right by the Border
Revealed by the Blackguard


The Blacksmith's Bride
The Bare-chested Brute
The Blushing Beauty
The Bounder's Bounty


The Combustion Steam-Engine
The Clockwork Slave
The Chicagoan Switch
The Courtesan's Secret


The Darlington Incident
The Devonshire Idea
The Davenport Idiosyncrasy
The Darcy Imposter


Bought and Indexed
Beaten and Isolated
Bound and Inked
Brimstone and Ice


Escape to Utopia
Exile to Unity
Easy to Understand
East to Uxminster

Score =

Did you manage to get 100%? If not, you can check the correct answers listed below:

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  1. That was a blast. And I liked your titles much better most of the time!!

  2. Cool idea, didn't get them all right, but I did pretty good.

  3. Thrilled you chose my book. Had so much fun! :)

  4. That was fun. I am shocked that I got a 91% because I rarely look at the covers but I have read most of these books.

  5. So fun, Etta! The "distractors" (as they're called in the test biz) are hilarious. "Biceps by the Sackload"!

  6. Almost all of them. I think the alternative titles were just as fun! Thanks for all you work. Perhaps we can look to you to come up with titles when we struggle with our own :)

  7. How fun?! Damnit I almost got them all right too! But, my stupid mouse pad won't work so I have to use my junky mouse and I scrolled completely passed yours and didn't see it! NOT fair.

    Fun fun though, thanks for using The Chicagoan Switch. :)

  8. LOL! I love some of the names you come up with! On the other hand, woo hoo! 100%

  9. How fun! I only missed one. :)

  10. Oh no, I definitely need to take more notice of covers. Great quiz though, lots of fun

  11. Thank you for including Long Shot, my book. I got 86%. It's interesting that I was able to name the titles of the books I wasn't familiar with. Good covers!!!

  12. Awesome idea for Q, and I only missed one!

  13. That was awesome. You did a great job. I received 86%.

  14. OMG, that was so brilliant. Great job, Etta. Thanks for including Exile to Unity. 91% - I obviously have far too unhealthy an interest in spanking romances :)

  15. So fun!! I got 100% Woot! thank you for including me!

  16. 91%! Thanks for the mention and you did great with the titles! I might have to go to you for help next time! <3

  17. Awesome!
    I got 100%
    You included a lot of my favorites!

  18. I got 100%!!! That was fun :-)

  19. This is just fabulous! And I may come back and steal some of your alternate titles.

  20. Great job on the alternate titles! So much fun. Got a 91% :) Not too shabby. I only guessed at two.

  21. great fun, Etta! I managed 95%. I think it was Loki Renard's book I missed, as it was the only that I just had to guess.

  22. I got 100%, too. Beautiful Job, Etta, and fun, too.

  23. 100% YAY... I didn't know Sheri put out a new one? Or did she recover and title? Very Fun blog today Etta... Thanks ヅ

  24. God you crack me up! I'm sitting in my kitchen laughing out loud!! This is great - how much time did it take you???? You're nuts lady.

  25. That was amazing! You are too funny. And seriously I love these titles. I ended up getting 0% because I clicked all the titles I liked, just because.

  26. 95% Yikes! This was cool!!

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