Saturday, 5 July 2014

Saturday Spankings - Lady Westbrook's first spanking - continued

Happy Weekend, everybody! I hope all my American readership had a wonderful time celebrating July 4th. Letting off fireworks and stuff in remembrance of that time Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman defeated those aliens that wanted to take over the planet. Yay for independence from slimy-looking aliens! I'm all for it.

So, it's a return to normal after the heady excitement that was the A-Z Spanking blog challenge. There's always Saturday Spankings of course. It's nice to have some things you can rely on.

In the below snippet, Lady Westbrook is receiving her first ever spanking at the hands of her suitor, Felix Oliver. He is not being particularly gentle with her.

Mr Oliver got into position behind her and brought the wooden ruler down on her bottom with great force. Margaret screamed out loud from the pain and from the shock of the impact. She had never been spanked before in her life. The pain was extraordinary. 
He brought the ruler down on her bottom a half dozen more times. Each stroke hit her bottom with a muffled thwack as it connected with her skirts - the force of the blow ensuring that the impact was felt keenly on Margaret’s backside beneath. 
“Three more I think,” said Mr Oliver, taking a step back and then raising the ruler high before bringing it down hard on Margaret’s rump. He repeated the action two more times – landing the blows on the lowest part of her backside where her bottom connected to her thighs. Each time the ruler connected with her body, Margaret felt a jolt of pain like she had never experienced before.


  1. Me thinks it is only the first of many.

  2. Those blasted skirts and Victorian modesty.....

  3. Lovely snippet Etta! She's lucky she has the protection of her skirts :)

  4. Maybe her first, but certainly not her last!

  5. Great little snippet. Enjoyed it.