Thursday, 3 July 2014

I'm going down to Corbin's Bend, gonna have myself a time

Very, very exciting news! I am going to join the ranks of the prestigious collection of writers who have written stories for the Corbin's Bend series.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Corbin's Bend. In which case you need to know that (a) it's a series of standalone stories set in a fictitious spanking community  in the Colorado mountains written by some great authors including Thianna D, Tara Finnegan and Cara Bristol. And that  (b) there are clearly some worrying gaps in your spanking romance book knowledge which you need to rectify right now.

I am only just beginning my book. One of the most important things about writing for an already established series such as Corbins Bend is maintaining the integrity of the overall narrative.

With that in mind I have decided that the heroine of my story has decided to move to Corbin's Bend in order to start a new life in a supportive community. Only once she has moved in she finds that Corbin's Bend is actually the secret headquarters for a hyper-advanced group of shape-shifting aliens who are using the housing co-operative as a front for their evil alienesque plans which include world domination, terrible jam-making, competitive dance-offs and the global rollout of laser-equipped robot squirrels. Our heroine has to track down their reclusive half-lizard leader who is sequestered at the Belgian National Bank (she deduces his hideout after she cunningly realises that 'Corbin's Bend' is an anagram of 'Consider BNB').Weird lizardy alien spankings naturally ensue.

Robot Squirrel. 

I mean it's a little different to the synopsis I originally pitched but I am sure it will be totally fine.

I will keep you informed of my progress. (By which time, my excitement may have worn off sufficiently for me to calm down and stop making ridiculous shit up.)


  1. ROFL Etta, can't wait to read all about the lizardy aliens and robot squirrels. See you in CB!

  2. Now I want to read a book on weird lizardy alien spankings. Tease! ;) *wonders if they use their tails...*

  3. If anyone could make that book work, it would probably be you, Etta :) Congrats on being involved in the series! I look forward to reading your addition.

  4. weird lizardly alien spankings. I'm trying to see if I can say that fast three times!
    hehe, you are so funny, Etta!
    Good luck with the story.
    Good to know my vampire / werewolf / dinosaur ménage is welcome at CB. I was a little worried about presenting it.
    But now...