Sunday 16 March 2014

Thanks, Google!

You know how writing can sometimes lead you to make the odd Google search like "Gay pubs in Victorian London"? And sometimes Google doesn't return anything particularly useful but points you to an Armstrong and Miller comedy sketch which cheers you up immensely instead?

Here's that sketch. It is no way relevant to anything and I'm fairly certain watching it doesn't constitute productive research.

Talking of searches, I realised the other day the thesaurus I use records everything I search for. My searches in the last five months (since I began writing spanking romance) have apparently included the following:

anus, britches, cleft, cunt, drawers, fuck, fucked, make love, naughty, orgasmic, panties, pants, pudenda, pussy, screwed, slap, slit, vagina, whore

I swear my computer must think I'm twelve.

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