Saturday 15 March 2014

Saturday Spanks!

Well, this is all very exciting. My first ever participation in the Saturday Spanking bloghop.

I am sure you are all familiar with what's involved. That's probably why you're here in the first place (hello!) but just in case anyone isn't in the know, SatSpanks is a weekly opportunity for spanking authors to post 8 lines from one of their books and for spanking readers to hop about the place reading all those lovely snippets.

My extract is from my book His Lordship's Apprentice (available from all good retailers, folks!).

Violet Plover, a scullery maid has been caught by her employer, Lord Hardcastle stealing wine from the kitchen. Her attempt to avoid being caught by hiding in the tiny wine cupboard didn't work as well as she hoped.

Lord Hardcastle peered inside the wine cupboard. “How on earth did you manage to fit in there?” he asked. “I appreciate that there isn’t much of you but even so... that cupboard’s tiny, I can barely fit my foot in there.” 
Violet shrugged slightly, “I’ve always been good at fitting into small spaces - I am unbeatable at Hide and Seek.” 
Lord Hardcastle laughed, “I bet you are.” 
“Anyway” he continued with the air of a man who has business to attend to, “Let’s get this over with.” He seated himself on a nearby kitchen chair and patted his lap. 
“My Lord?” 
“Oh come now, Violet, you don’t think you are going to get away without being punished for this, do you? I have caught you red-handed and now intend to see to it that your bottom ends up the same colour.”

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to check out all the Saturday Spanking links in the linky list below.


  1. Hi Etta, I'm new to you but I'm clicking on the link now! Very very cute snippet - love the interaction!

  2. Loved the alluded to color contrast in being caught "Red Handed" and an upcoming "Red Bottom" nice interplay here too... Welcome to Saturday Spankings too !!!

  3. I can now picture this little thing, once his lordship is done I don't think she'll be stealing wine again.

  4. Welcome to you and you do know how to get our attention, don't you. I may have to do some shopping.

  5. Very cute!! And yes, welcome to Saturday Spanks!
    Oh and please remove captcha for saturday spanks?

    1. Totally didn't realise I had Captcha in place. Thanks for letting me know. I shall remove it forthwith.

  6. Welcome to SatSpanks Etta! I loved your snippet, so much fun came through in those sentences and the characters sound interesting.

  7. welcome to satspanks ;) wonderful little snippet :)