Friday 28 March 2014

'Safe and Tame' Fifty Shades Movie

Yesterday, I speculated that next year's Fifty Shades of Grey movie will concentrate less on sex and more on plot.

Seems like I may have been bang on the money. If by plot you mean "making moon-eyes at each other, in between helicopter rides and job interviews". Which sounds like a fair synopsis of the first book, to be fair.

The Guardian ran a story on Wednesday saying that test audiences found the movie 'surprisingly tame'. (Mind you, the article also referred to Anastasia as a "willing, well-remunerated sex-slave" which would suggest that the writer hasn't actually read any of the books himself.)

It's too early to know whether any spanking will make it into the film. There's surprisingly little of it in mainstream movies. (Well, surprising to me but my perspective may be a little skewed.) I doubt anyone's shocked that Universal plan to play it safe. We'll have to wait until Valentines Day next year to see if any of the movie's intended audience are happy with the result.

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  1. I've wondered myself what this movie would end up as. I love your plot synopsis by the way! I am intrigued to see it, but also don't want to admit that I want to watch it. But my husband is in because he wants to see Dakota Johnson's boobs. So there is that I guess!