Sunday 9 March 2014

His Lordship's Apprentice - Caned in the Study

Below is an extract from my book, "His Lordship's Apprentice" which is available from all these lovely places:

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The story is set in Victorian London and following an unfortunate incident in the dining room, scullery maid Violet has been summoned to the study of her boss, Lord Hardcastle.

Lord Hardcastle rose from behind his desk as Dawkins and Violet entered the room.

"Thank you, Dawkins. That will be all."

If Dawkins was ruffled by this instruction, he didn't show it. It was, of course, a butler's job to remain unruffled.

"Very well, my Lord." Dawkins bowed slightly and exited the room, leaving Violet alone with Lord Hardcastle.

Lord Hardcastle turned to Violet. "Very well," he said. "To business. Your name's Violet Plover, is that correct? I understand that you have been in my service for two months."

"Yes, my Lord," Violet replied. Her nervousness rendered her throat so dry that she could barely speak at all. Was that a sufficient response? Should she provide more information when addressing a lord or speak as little as possible? She honestly had no idea. Much as she had been warned that Lord Hardcastle was highly irregular compared to other men of his station, she hadn't imagined that a scullery maid such as herself would have to interact with his Lordship face to face. Certainly not this soon. Ah well, it hardly mattered now. She fully expected to be fired without a reference and doubted she would need to interact with the nobility again.

"Well, Violet," continued Lord Hardcastle, oblivious to Violet's internal panic. "Firstly, I want to thank you for the swift way you dealt with my escaped dove. I should not have left her on the table like that and it was understandable that you disturbed her. You dealt with the recapture very professionally. I was impressed. She is a trained bird and very valuable. I should have hated to see her injured or upset. Thank you."

Violet stared at Lord Hardcastle in shock. This was not what she had anticipated.

"However," Lord Hardcastle continued. "There are standards of behaviour – and of course, language – we uphold to in this house. I reserve the right to entertain visitors in my own home without them being subjected to the kind of words that would shock a sailor."

Violet's heart sunk once more. "I am very sorry, my Lord," she mumbled.

"I am sure you are," responded Lord Hardcastle. "I am also sure you are a valuable member of staff here. I have no desire to terminate your employment over this incident. However, you will be punished."

"Yes, my Lord."

"I'll offer you the choice, Violet. Either you can forfeit a day's wages or submit to a spanking."

Violet's head was a confusion of different emotions. While she was elated that she still had a job, she was truly terrified at the prospect of being physically punished by Lord Hardcastle, but what choice did she have? She could not afford to lose a day's wages; her family was relying on her.

 "I will take the spanking, my Lord."

"Very well," Lord Hardcastle replied. He walked to the corner of the room and to Violet's wide–eyed horror, removed a long thin cane from the umbrella stand.

"Bend over the desk," he instructed.

Violet walked to the desk; her body felt as though it were full of lead. She was shaking so much that her teeth were chattering. She leant over the wide desk as instructed.

"Hold on to the far edge," said Lord Hardcastle.

She gripped the edge of the desk and turned her face to the side. Lord Hardcastle laid the cane on the desk and stood behind her. Violet hardly had time to wonder why he had put the cane down before she felt the sharp sting of Lord Hardcastle's hand as it struck her buttocks. The covering of her skirt and petticoat offered her some protection, but she could still feel the force of the blow that left her bottom feeling red–hot.

Lord Hardcastle then continued with a volley of swats to her rear, covering every square inch of her bottom so that her backside smarted from the very top to the crease at the bottom where her buttocks met her thighs. Violet had managed not to scream or move from her position across his desk. Tears were running freely down her face as her bottom throbbed in pain.

She realised his Lordship had stopped spanking and thought for one glorious moment that the punishment might be over. Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw him lean across and pick up the cane.

"You are doing very well, Violet," said Lord Hardcastle. "Four strokes of the cane and then it will be over."

Four strokes? How bad can it be?

The first cut of the cane answered that question. It whistled through the air and landed at the highest part of Violet's buttocks, hitting both cheeks with an almost unbearable force.  It took all of Violet's strength not to leap from the desk and hop around the study in agony.  She would not, she vowed to herself. His Lordship had offered her the chance to redeem herself and she was determined not to jeopardise it. She steeled herself for the next stroke of the cane, which came down quickly an inch below the first. Her bottom throbbed so much that it felt like it had its own pulse. The pain was excruciating. The third stroke hit just below the second one. Violet sobbed into Lord Hardcastle's desk as she continued to grip it tightly. Lord Hardcastle took a step back in order to administer the last stroke of the cane. She heard the cane whistle through the air for the fourth time and then it hit the delicate part of her buttocks just above her legs. Every stroke of the cane had made its mark on her backside through the fabric of her maid's uniform. Violet felt them just as keenly as if they had been applied directly to the skin itself.

"You took your punishment well," said Lord Hardcastle. "Well done. You may get up now." He walked across the room and rang a small bell attached to the wall. Violet hadn't moved from her position across the desk. Her tears were still flowing freely and the pain in her throbbing buttocks made her disinclined to move at all. "Violet, I have called Dawkins to come and collect you and take you back downstairs. I suggest that you get up now as you may not want him to see you in your current position."

Violet stood as directed and once again tried to wipe her tears with the heel of her hand. Lord Hardcastle passed her his handkerchief.

When Dawkins arrived, Lord Hardcastle spoke to him directly. "Violet and I have spoken. Rest assured the matter is now resolved. No further admonishments are required regarding the matter."

"Of course, my Lord," replied Dawkins.

"I believe you told me that Violet is currently a scullery rather than upstairs maid, and that she wouldn't normally be clearing up the dining room?"

"That is correct, sir," replied Dawkins. "Apologies, there were... extenuating circumstances."

"Not at all, not at all." Lord Hardcastle waved away Dawkins' apology. "I think Violet is eminently well suited to upstairs work. Please ensure that she is promoted to parlour maid immediately and that this is reflected in her weekly wage packet."

"Very good, my Lord."

Violet followed Dawkins downstairs, her mind reeling.

On the one hand, she had just received the most brutal correction of her life at the hands of Lord Hardcastle. The pain was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Just walking down the corridor caused her petticoats to rub against her bruised bottom in a way that was almost unbearable. On the other hand however, Lord Hardcastle had made it clear that he did not retain any ill will; he had thanked her for recapturing his dove and most astounding of all, he had promoted her to parlour maid and ensured that she would get an increase in her salary to boot.
Despite the pain in her bottom, despite the humiliation of being bent over Lord Hardcastle's desk and spanked and caned like a naughty schoolchild, Violet's main feelings at that moment were of gratitude and relief.

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