Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday Spankings - "You will be punished"

New year. Not so new spanking.

Happy Saturday! I haven't been part of the SatSpanks gang for the last couple of weeks. Because of, um, not sure why really. Let's blame Christmas.

But now I'm back and feeling suitably spanky (and Saturday-y). I don't have a book I'm particularly trying to pimp at the moment (I assume you've all bought East End Girl by now) so let's go right back to the very beginning. The very first mention of spanking in my very first book, His Lordship's Apprentice.

Violet the scullery maid inadvertently came out with a few choice expletives when, unbeknownst to her, her boss, Lord Hardcastle and several of his friends were in the same room. She is about to pay the penalty.

Lord Hardcastle continued: “There are standards of behaviour – and of course language – we uphold to in this house. I reserve the right to entertain visitors in my own home without them being subjected to the kind of words that would shock a sailor.” 
Violet’s heart sunk once more. “I am very sorry, my Lord” she mumbled. 
“I am sure you are,” responded Lord Hardcastle. “I am also sure you are a valuable member of staff here. I have no desire to terminate your employment over this incident. However, you will be punished.” 
“Yes, my Lord.” 
“I’ll offer you the choice, Violet. Either you can forfeit a day’s wages or submit to a spanking.”
Spankings! Romance! Victorian-style showbiz! More spankings!

Have wonderful, wonderful weekends, everyone. Remember to check out the rest of the SatSpanks posts on the list below.


  1. Poor violet, I'm sure she can't afford the loss of a day's wages. So spanked it is!

  2. Those words can really strike fear into someone.

  3. Oh, dear, such a choice. I'm sure she knows that the Lord and Master wields a mighty smack.

  4. So... does she go with the spanking? :p

  5. To lose a day's wages is hard, it's going to have to be the spanking.

  6. Poor lady.I'm thinkin she takes the spanking, but he'd be shocked if she walked out. Nice, Etta :)

  7. Ohhh! I wonder what Violet is going to chose? That's a tough decision!

  8. (chants from the sidelines) Span-king! span-king! span-king!
    Loved this book!