Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rayanna Jamison's "A Perfect Partnership"

I'm happy to have Rayanna Jamison on my blog promoting her Corbin's Bend book. Not that I've read the thing yet you understand. I'm hopelessly behind on my Corbin's Bend reading at the moment. I'm still on Corbin's Bend 2.6: Livia Grant's Life's Unexpected Gifts.

Rayanna's book is currently patiently waiting on my kindle. So, you know, for all I know, it could be rubbish.

I don't think it will be though. For one thing, it's Rayanna Jamison writing it. And she's a lady who can put together a well crafted erotic romance and no mistake.

And further proof - if further proof were needed - is this very hot excerpt right here:

“Come here, Lannea,” he said sitting on the bed, and patting a spot on the bedcovers beside him. 
“Why did you come here tonight?” It was imperative to him that they opened the lines of conversation at least enough to discuss the spanking he would give her, and the reasons behind it. 
“Because you told me to,” she smirked. 
Oh, now she wanted to brat. Obviously, she didn’t plan on making this easy for him. That was fine. Two could play that game. 
“I gave you a free pass downstairs, to make all the smart ass little remarks you wanted to, and you had nothing to say. Well guess what, we’re upstairs now, and every little comment you make now is going to make your ass smart a little bit more. Your free pass is gone. Are we clear?” 
“Yup,” Lannea breathed, looking a little awed. To be honest, Josiah was feeling a little awed himself. He had no idea where this stuff was coming from- just as he had had no idea where his original threat had came from. 
“Yup is not an acceptable response when I ask you a question Lannea. The proper response would be ‘Yes Sir’.” 
“Yes Sir,” Lannea mumbled, her eyes downcast. 
Josiah frowned. He didn’t like that. He hooked his finger under her chin gently lifting her face until her gaze met his own. 
“That’s my good girl, he said, careful to keep his voice soft and approving. “Now, Once again, why did you come here?” 
“Because…because you said you would spank me if I came, and…it’s been a long time. A really long time,” she admitted, leaning forward to lay her head on his shoulder.
“How long has it been, Lannea? Tell me the truth.” 
“It’s been…probably about three years, since I was in culinary school.” 
Josiah nodded gravely. “You need this pretty badly, don’t you? Probably have for a long time.” 
Her lip quivered, and he wasn’t surprised to see tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she nodded. 
“Tell me Lannea. Say it. I want to hear from you why you need me to spank that perfect little bottom of yours.”
I'm thinking if you haven't already read A Perfect Partnership by now you probably want to. Tell you what, I'll hurry up and read the thing and then we can all discuss it in the comments. Deal?


Josiah Jefferson left the polygamist community he grew up in to make a new home in Corbin's Bend. He wanted to find the one woman he could love and spank for the rest of his life. When a summer storm blows beautiful Lannea Paulsen into his life, he sees it as fate and never looks back.

Lannea Paulsen, better known as Laney to everyone but the stubborn Josiah, has had two goals since she moved to Corbin's Bend last year. Save enough money to buy half of The Ginger Paddle, the sushi restaurant she runs with her cousin, and find a strong dominant man who is willing and ready to take her in hand in every way possible.

When Laney puts the business in jeopardy, Josiah comes to the rescue. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in a tumultuous platonic DD relationship. Sparks fly as they both refuse to admit the depth of their true feelings. Will they settle for less than they desire or will they chase after everything they have ever wanted?


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