Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday Spankings - She felt the sharp sting of Lord Hardcastle’s hand

I really don't think she's learnt her lesson yet. Keep going.

Hello my shiny happy fellow Spankos! Happy weekends to you all.

It's Saturday Spankings bloghop time. Therefore, I will deliver the expected eight lines of spanky, spanky goodness. Let's carry on with parlour maid Violet's first spanking from His Lordship's Apprentice, shall we?

Following some disreputable language in the drawing room, Violet has been told by her employer, Lord Hardcastle, that she is going to be punished with a spanking. His Lordship has just fetched a cane and told Violet to bend over his desk.

Violet walked to the desk; her body felt as though it was full of lead. She was shaking so much that her teeth were chattering. She leant over the wide desk as instructed. “Hold on to the far edge,” said Lord Hardcastle.

She gripped the edge of the desk and turned her face to the side. Lord Hardcastle laid the cane on the desk and stood behind her. 
Violet hardly had time to wonder why he had put the cane down before she felt the sharp sting of Lord Hardcastle’s hand as it struck her buttocks. The covering of her skirt and petticoat offered her some protection but she could still feel the force of the blow which left her bottom feeling red hot.

 And, you know what, yes I think that cane will see some action later on.

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  1. Cane, cane go away! I find canes impersonal - not to mention they hurt like hell. I like the idea of at least a warm up with his hand.

    1. See I can't agree with you there, PK. Or at least, I can't agree with you about wishing canes would go away and finding them impersonal. Totally agree about them hurting like hell. You say it like it's a bad thing?

      I'm all for a hand-spanking warm-up beforehand though. It's only polite, really.

  2. Mmmm, love the warm up!
    And I'm shuddering too- the cane!