Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday Spankings - “You’ve been quite busy lately, haven’t you?”

Hey Satspankers! It's that time of the week again. I know Saturday Spankings is somehow smooshed together with Spank or Treat this week in some mysterious fashion that I don't fully understand.

I don't have a Spank or Treat entry but I wanted to get into the Halloween spirit anyway so I have given Cass a Halloween makeover and this week's snippet from Lord Westbrook's Muse finds her in a bit of a scary situation. Not monsters scary, you understand. Evil uncle scary. But still.

Slightly less gothic version available from all good booksellers now.

Cass woke in an unfamiliar room. It was small and simply furnished. She guessed she must still be at the coaching inn. Her head felt thick and heavy. She coughed trying to remove the uncomfortable feeling in her throat.
A dark shape in the corner of the room moved and Cass realised her uncle was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room.
“Uncle?” she croaked. “What did you do?”
“Nothing much,” he shrugged. “I have a friend who is a doctor here. I wanted him to examine you. This seemed the easiest way of ensuring your consent.”
“Examine me? What do you mean?” she said even though she knew with a creeping sense of dread exactly what he meant.
Lord Breckenridge came towards the bed. The room was small and he was by her side in a couple of steps. “You’ve been quite busy lately, haven’t you?” His hand shot out and grasped Cass by her neck. “Whoring yourself out. You filthy little slut.”
Cass began to panic as she felt her airflow restrict. She tried to unclasp her uncle’s grip on her throat with her fingers.
He removed his hand. “Don’t worry, whore. I am not about to kill you. There would be too many difficult questions asked if I tried that.  Although, God knows what you’re worth to me now in that state.”

Lord Westbrook’s Muse is Available from:

Lord Robert Westbrook’s life of responsibility and social obligations is turned on its head when he meets Cass, a beautiful and idiosyncratic woman at his mother’s garden party. Cass is a staunch supporter of women’s rights as well as an advocate of dress reform, rejecting the restrictive fashions of the nineteenth century. 

In fact, Cass’s rebellion isn’t limited to her dress sense. She is also determined to experience the excitement and passion of a sexual liaison. Lord Westbrook, she has decided, is the very man she wants to seduce her. Meanwhile Lord Westbrook has determined that Cass requires some stern discipline. 
The couple’s passionate and fiery romance breaks every rule of Victorian decency and kindles a love that neither Cass nor Robert were prepared for. However, when Cass’s secret past finally catches up with her, it seems that the couple’s happiness might be doomed forever.

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  1. Oh dear, poor Cass. Makes me very glad I was born into a more modern era. I.m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this.

  2. Gripping excerpt. No pun intended.

  3. Words cannot express how much I hated Cass' uncle while I was reading your book! I seriously wanted to put him over my lap and give him a very sound spanking.

    1. Heh. That was an approach to dealing with him I didn't consider. Only the nice people get spanked in my books.

  4. Yikes! That man. Grrr. Love the new cover. ;)

  5. Great job on the Halloween make over! I read this book last week. Cass's uncle is a big ass!

  6. Ah, the dastardly uncle, the villain we all love to hate. This is on my TBR. Can t wait for his comeuppance.

  7. That's rough - she's going to need a hero.