Saturday 30 August 2014

Saturday Spankings - "I'm too angry to do this"

There's no need to look so surprised, missy. This happens every week.

Happy Saturday, spankfans! And happy Labor Day to my American readership! (And my Canadian readership, of course. You guys even spell Labour Day properly).

I have no idea what Labor Day entails but if it gets you the day off work and maybe some cake then it's got to be worth having.

I just whipped these up.
I am going to eat them one after another until I feel slightly sick
and am sweating blue frosting in support of you guys.

This week's spanky snippet comes from my first book, His Lordship's Apprentice.

Former scullery maid, Violet Plover has been promoted to the position of magician's assistant to her employer, Lord Hardcastle. She's remarkably talented, agile and a quick learner. Unfortunately she's also hotheaded and prone to jumping to the wrong conclusions.

When Lord Hardcastle tentatively brings up the idea of the two of them embarking on a relationship, she assumes that he means to dishonour her and responds by shouting insults at him and hefting heavy items at his head. Lord Hardcastle is not amused.
His face was set as hard as granite. He grabbed a leather strap which had been used to secure one of the props trunks and took several swift strides towards Violet grabbing her forcefully by the arm. He pulled her towards the desk and pushed her over the desktop so that her face was pressed against the wood and her bottom was raised in the air. His hand pressed down heavily on the small of her back so that she could not move from her position. 
Violet heard the noise of the strap swishing through the air and held her breath waiting for the thick leather to make contact with her body.

But the contact never came - instead the strap forcefully struck the side of the desk to Violet’s left.

Lord Hardcastle threw the strap away from him and let go of Violet. “I’m too angry to do this” he said softly. “Just go.”

Don't worry folks! He calms down later and the spanking still happens.
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  1. Holy hell I just jumped with Violet! The strap is my new favorite implement by the way. Don't know why.

    Hey, be careful with those cupcakes or you'll get a tummy ache. And I know why you English spell Labour with the u - it's for the additional cupcake...

    1. That's the Canadians who get the extra cupcake. Our Labour Day equivalent would be May Day. Less cake! :(

  2. I liked this a lot, Etta! So unexpected--that he struck the desk. And good that he did.

  3. Oh dear, never a good sign. I'm betting that soon that anger will turn into determination, I fear for her bottom.

  4. Thanks for the cupcakes and the great snippet, Etta.

  5. I have to work this holiday weekend, but I think you should send me some cupcakes! I love Violet, I always love it when a girl's go to reaction is to throw some things at her man. :)

  6. Yay! I love it when the strong character holds back because he's too angry. Okay, I'm adding this book to my TBR even though historical isn't my genre usually :D

  7. Oh, what a surprise. Plus, we know there must be a spanking in her near future. :)

    P.S. Now I want cupcakes.

  8. Mm... so much to like here. "hefting heavy items at his head" definitely deserves a spanking and I like the sound effects; the swishing of the strap and then it slamming into the desk. Nice job!

  9. I love when a top knows he's too angry and I loved this book!

  10. I bet her heart stopped when that strap hit the desk. I like him! Great snippet Etta :)