Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday Spankings - New Book! Soon to be Released!

So I feel like I have been banging on about my imminent new book for ages but, trust me, it's coming. It's on  its way. It was originally called 'Like the Lightning' and now might be 'Lady Westbrook's Discovery' or might yet be called something else before the actual release day. It will be called something though, I absolutely guarantee it. Maybe I should just use a squiggle. Like when Prince changed his name to

The story, set in 1870, centres on Lady Margaret Westbrook, a 41 year old widow, who hasn't really thought about sex or relationships in the ten years since her husband's death. Things change when she meets dashing young scientist, Felix Oliver who decides to court her despite the sixteen year gap in their ages.

The extract below comes from their first meeting. They start off talking about equal rights for women and the subject veers off onto spanking. As it so often does.

“So I take it you approve of the idea of schools administering corporal punishment to girls?” 
“Of course. Many do already but it isn’t given the same importance as it is with boys. Completely the opposite of how it should be, in my opinion.” 
“How so?” 
“Women respond to physical discipline so much better than men. Boys should only be beaten until they reach adulthood but women can benefit from physical chastisement their whole lives.” 
“How can you suggest such a thing?” Margaret was shocked. “I thought you were an advocate of equal rights for women?” 
“Being equal doesn’t mean being the same,” replied Mr Oliver smiling. “And the two sexes are certainly not the same. I think most women would benefit from the occasional sound spanking. I haven’t conducted a full scientific study, though. Perhaps I should devote some time to practical research into the matter.”

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  1. I like this snippet and I like the intro. Good luck on the title - do you have a date yet?

  2. No date yet. Although Blushing Books were offering it as an ARC choice this week which surprised me. I am inferring from that the release date is imminent.

  3. Oh fun!!! Love the set up, the women's rights angle, spanking, and an older heroine.

  4. Hey, Etta! This was sooooo wonderful! It absolutely got me all shivery! Looking forward to the book!

  5. HOT snippet. I love the age gap you've chosen here; I wish we saw more of this in this sub-genre. Congrats on the impending release.

  6. oh my goodness. I'm all flushed and outraged and excited at once (probably much like Lady .

  7. You sound like me. I can never come up with a title either. Whatever you call it, it sounds like it will be one hot read.

    1. Thanks. I hate coming up with titles. I don;t even like doing it on my Amazon reviews. I always feel vaguely indignant that they expect me to provide one.

  8. love it! their banter is is absolutely wonderful!

  9. Nothing like a little bit of research :-) great snippet.

  10. Oh yes, practical research is always a good thing, Important to be thorough, and scientific. Great snippet, I love the way the conversation turns to grown up spankings