Friday, 22 August 2014

Saturday Spankings - "No finer sight"

Saturday Spankurday!

Following on from last week, here is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Lord Westbrook's Muse, a sort-of sequel to Lady Westbrook's Discovery. Lord Westbrook is taken aback by the words "You could punish me" from Cass, the young lady with whom he is talking.

Robert’s memory had immediately taken him back to his days in the army. Robert’s commanding officer – when he was in his cups – would often regale Robert with stories of the discipline that he administered to his young wife whenever he was at home on leave. 
There was no finer sight he said than to have a beautiful girl bent over your lap with her bare buttocks presented to you awaiting a vigorous spanking with a leather strap. 
It was a conversation that Robert had given much thought to over the years – particularly on those occasions when he was on his own and in need of... relief. 
His mind had immediately conjured up an image of Cass laying across his lap in such a fashion, awaiting whatever punishment he would choose to administer to her exposed backside.

Lord Westbrook's Muse is a standalone book and you won't need to read Lady Westbrook's Discovery first to enjoy it. But you should read Lady Westbrook's Discovery anyway, you know. You'd like it.

Meet Lord Westbrook here. He's the grumpy one.
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  1. What is it about that idea of "no finer sight" that just gets everything. . . tingling? Love your style, as always, Etta.

  2. It's wonderful to know men fantasies things nearly as well as women do.

  3. I love the image he conjured up ... very nice, indeed!

  4. I can see how Robert would revert to those conversations, they are pretty hot.

  5. A new one? Yay! I love hearing the man's perspective too.

  6. Nothing like a little fantasy to grease the palm.

  7. I love to read the man's point of view too. Great snippet Etta :)