Saturday, 30 January 2016

Saturday Spankings - "Bend over the bed"

Remember kids, spankings aren't JUST for Saturdays.
I really haven't been Saturday Spankings enough lately. I bloody well love a nice eight sentence spanky snippet at the beginning of the weekend.

It's only a couple of weeks to Valentine's Day. Let's have a snippet from last year's Corbin's Bend Valentine spectacular, Love in the the Rockies. My contribution was "The Perfect Housewife" - the perfect reading material for anyone who was wondering how Kirsty and Logan were getting on after the end of East End Girl. As it turns out, they're arguing about housework...
“Why do I get a spanking just because you’re the one losing the argument?” asked Kirsty. 
“I am not losing this argument. You are talking nonsense,” said Logan. “I might not be perfect but there’s no way I’m as messy as you are. Before we moved in together, my place was always tidy and yours looked like a bomb had hit it. Now we’re living together, and you reckon I make just as much mess as you do?” 
Kirsty shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe your standards have slipped.” 
Logan chuckled. “Right that’s it, young lady. Bend over the bed. I think you definitely do need a spanking after all.”
Love in the Rockies. Possibly a euphemism.

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  1. Those are four words that send shivers up my spine, but I'll bet Kristy is loving it. Have you seen your new cover? Kirsty is front and center.

    1. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to mention the shiny new books yet. But, yeah, love the cover. Kirsty is the opposite of "the perfect housewife".

  2. heheh, back talk results in one thing! When will she learn...or maybe she knows and wants it ;)