A - Z Spanking Challenge 2015

Last year I took part in the A-Z Spanking Challenge. And when it was all over, I promised myself that I was never going to do that again.

And yet twelve months later I signed up for the next one. Because, as my mother would say I haven't got the sense I was born with.

Twenty-six alphabet themed blog posts in one month? What am I? Some kind of masochist? (Well, yes, obviously, but not in that way.)

I didn't quite manage it. I spilled over into July. Don't judge me. There was stuff. Stuff happened.

Still, if you want some spanko on the internet's opinion on pretty much everything, here you go:

A is for Anger
B is for Barbie: Feminist Icon
C is for Convenience Store Pornography
D is for Domestic Service
E is for East End Girl
F is for Find the Words
G is for Gags
H is for His Lordship's Apprentice
I is for I Love You
J is for Jugs, Jubblies and other euphemisms for breasts
K is for Kissing Part 2
L is for Lord Westbrook
M is for Melvil Dewey
N is for Naming Sci Fi Characters 
O is for Orgasms
P is for Penises
Q is for Quotes
R is for Roleplay
S is for Sequels, Spin-offs and Shameless cash-ins
T is for Tea
U is for Unicorns
V is for Vulva
W is for Westerfield Affair, the
X is for X (Yes, that's valid.)
Y is for Yes!
Z is for Zoetrope

The details of the blogging challenge can be found here. The whole thing is organised by Celeste Jones. Because she is evil.

A whole bunch of astonishingly awesome spanky bloggers took part. The list is below.

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