Friday, 30 May 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge

You'll have noticed that things have been a bit quieter than usual round here lately. There is, I assure, you a perfectly good reason for that.

Consider it the calm before the storm. For the month of June things are going to go ker-azy around here.

I have signed up to the Spanking from A-Z Blog Challenge as promoted by the lovely Celeste Jones over at Spanking Romance Reviews.

I will be sharing 26 alphabet-themed posts throughout June, each I suspect more randomly cobbled together and tenuously linked to spanking than the last.

It will be something of a challenge but I'm gearing myself up to it as we speak. Imagine an 80's-style training montage only instead of my boxing muscles it's my blogging muscles I'm working on. Hoo yeah, baby. I'm ready to blog!

If you're spanking blogger and you haven't put your name down yet then what on earth are you waiting for, you big chicken? Come on, all the cool kids are doing it!


  1. All the cool kids indeed! I'm really excited to see what everyone comes up with. I"m only up to G. Yikes!

  2. I followed your lead and made titles to ... maybe half of them, so I can just hop on and type. That's the plan, I feel that plan is going south as we speak. Panic is setting in.

  3. Woot!! I'm trying to organize my mania to fit into these parameters!!